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Starley Bikes

Starley Bikes is a rather cool, bespoke bike making business, that make all of it's customer's bikes to order, with a real focus on delivering the kind of service that would make any cycling enthusiast fall in love with the sport. From their HQ in Cheshire, England, they are continually researching and improving their designs and building techniques to produce the very best racing bikes on the planet.

A Bit of History

We were asked by Richard, the founder of Starley, to take a look at creating a brand for a new company he was developing. Mr. Starley is historically the man behind the invention of the bicycle, but Richard's vision was to make the best carbon framed bikes available on the market. We were given an initial sketch to work with, and told to go to work...

After working closely with the Starley team, we created a brand logo and typeface that was strong and modern enough to represent a modern facing bike builder, but also gave us the star with which to highlight the winning aspect of the brand.

To better show the Starley team how the brand marks would work within the actual structure of one of their rather lovely bikes, we produced a few mock ups to really let them stand out.

By creating high fidelity mock ups, we helped the client visualise exactly how the brand would look on the frames...Luckily for us he loved them :)

Starley Website

We had to convey the main proposition of a Starley bike - hand crafted by professionals who know how to put a bike together. We used some great photography of the Starley team in action throughout the site, showing the viewers the actual team they'd be dealing with at Starley.

We created a website with a full CMS to allow Starley to update their blog and make amends to their site themselves. It was built upon a Wordpress core, so multiple plugins and widgets could be installed cheaply and easily.